Here’s What to Do When Your Ex Breaks No Contact
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Here’s What to Do When Your Ex Breaks No Contact

Despite the fact that most (including me) believe that NC is the best way to heal….and indeed get to a place where you can objectively assess whether you would want to resume a relationship with an ex, there are some people that cannot seem to maintain NC so stay in contact with their exes with the hope of getting them back.

If that is the path you choose to go down, then you may as well do it whilst doing as little damage as possible.

So, a few tips.

Don’t contact them too much

Ever had someone that you know ‘like’ you but you are uncertain about them? If they constantly email/call/text you, you soon become pretty certain that this is NOT the person for you. You start ignoring their contact in the hope that they will ‘get the idea’. Excessive contact comes across as needy and isn’t attractive.

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